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Year 6


Everything Changes – the children will build on their knowledge of living things and how they are adapted to particular environments.  They will be introduced to the idea that variation in organisms can result in the species becoming better adapted to its environment and that the process of natural selection, over a long period of time, leads to evolution.


Why was winning the Battle of Britain so important in 1940? -   The children evaluate a range of primary and secondary sources to explain why Britain faced the risk of an invasion in June 1940 and reach a judgment about how serious that threat was.  They also identify, describe, explain and evaluate the relative importance of the factors that contributed to Britain winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 and make a judgment as to which of these they feel were most significant.


Battle of Britain – the children will produce a piece of art work linked to their history work.  They will use different techniques such as shading and hatching to show shadows, movement and reflections.


Songs of WW2 – the children will learn about the importance of music during WW2, about the work of Dame Vera Lynn.


Tag rugby – outside coach



Christianity – Is anything ever eternal? 

The children will learn about the Christian belief of life after death and that unconditional love is love without any limitations.


Safety and the changing Body – the children will:

  • develop an understanding about the reliability of online information
  • explore online relationships, including dealing with problems
  • discuss reasons why adults may or may not drink alcohol
  • discuss problems which might be encountered during puberty
  • learn how to help someone who is choking
  • learn how to place an unresponsive patient into the recovery position.