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Year 6


Body Health

Children learn about how to keep their bodies healthy and how their bodies might be damaged.  The focus is on lifestyle choices that humans make, including diet, exercise and drug use, and how these are informed by scientific evidence.


What is a river?

The enquiry begins by establishing the key concept that rivers change over their course from source to mouth and develop distinctive physical features as they do so by altering the environment through erosion and deposition. Children are supported to apply a wide range of geographical skills that draw upon map work, satellite imagery and GIS resources to consolidate their understanding. Time is also devoted to exploring rivers, in particular their estuaries as important ecosystems and habitats for a wide range of living things. They are then introduced to examples of the many ways in which humans interact with rivers and exploit them economically as a resource, especially as ports for trade

Design and Technology


Using a combination of textiles skills such as attaching fastenings, applique and decorative stitches, children design, assemble and decorate a waistcoat for a chosen purpose.


Crossy roads/Quiz show hosts

Children will look at different kinds of online quizzes and will design and produce their own.



Boot Camp


Christianity – Easter

Children learn to examine the influences Christianity still has in the world and to evaluate whether it is still a strong religion.


Economic well-being

Children will understand that there can be arrange of feelings related to money and the desire to spend and save, understand their responsibilities in keeping money safe in the bank, understand what gambling is and some risks associated with it and understand that there are different routes into careers.