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Design and Technology

At Orgill, Design and Technology is taught through a coherent, structured curriculum following a specifically catered map of progression skills and relevant knowledge. This ensures that the curriculum builds upon previous learning and develops skills across the key stages, leading towards the end of their primary education. Through direct links to the National Curriculum the children cover areas such as making models, designing and creating sculptures and evaluating their own work.


Design and Technology, at Orgill, is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject. It encourages children to think ‘outside the box’ and solve problems as individuals and as part of a team. We encourage children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that are important within a variety of real life contexts. In Key Stage Two, Design and Technology is taught weekly as an individual subject, concentrating on one topic per term. In Key Stage One it is taught in blocks, again, focusing on one topic per term. All year groups use use Plan Bee. We aim to, wherever possible, to link work with other curriculum areas such as Maths, Science, Computing and Art. The children are also given the opportunity to reflect upon and evaluate past and present Design and Technology projects, their uses and effectiveness. When pupils leave Orgill we want them to be innovators and risk takers.


Within the Design and Technology curriculum, children are given a variety of opportunities to engage in skills needed for the interactive process of designing and making. Children learn how to become resourceful, enterprising and capable citizens. At Orgill, we wish children to develop a critical understanding of the subjects impact on daily life and the wider world. We provide many enrichment activities for children, including the ‘Lego Club’ project. This project encourages pupils to take a clear interest in real life themes, exploring a given topic and design and programme a lego robot to solve a series of missions. We also have a Design and Technology week every year, which includes a variety of activities relevant to each year group. We incorporate Phunky Foods into our curriculum so that the children can link class workshops with families that may need additional support for health and well being, within our local community. Our Design and Technology curriculum is accessible to all students and can be tailored to meet the needs of each child, ensuring they are provided with a set of progressive skills and clear knowledge which can embedded throughout the school.