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Year 3/4


Who Am I? – The children will learn all about classification.  They will learn what the key features of Fish, Reptiles, Mammals and Amphibians are.


Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry? - Throughout this topic, pupils are encouraged to reflect upon how climate has such an important influence upon landscapes, plants, animals and human activity on Earth – they investigate this relationship at a number of scales. Pupils apply a wide range of geographical and computer skills throughout the enquiry to enable them to better understand the relationship between climate and living things and also to introduce them to the concept of biomes. Towards the end of the enquiry the pupils are able to develop their understanding of how climate is the main factor determining the distribution of biomes on Earth through the study of two biomes in depth.


Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry- the children will complete a piece of art linked to their geography work.  This piece of art will:

  • use light and dark within the painting and show understanding of complimentary colours
  • allow the children to mix colour, shades and tones
  • allow the children to draw in the third dimension
  • allow the children to develop a painting from a drawing.


Romans – the children will draw upon their understanding of repeating patterns in music and are introduced to the concept of motifs.


Swimming – one week intensive swimming

Circuits and football.


Judaism – the children will learn about what are the main beliefs of Judaism, key Jewish figures, the Jewish holy book and where Jewish people go to worship.


Safety and the changing body

The children will build awareness of online safety and the benefits and risks of sharing information online, explore the physical and emotional changes in puberty, the risks associated with tobacco