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We believe that computing and technology is a central part of children’s lives both now and in their future. At Orgill Primary School, we strive to ensure that every child leaves us possessing a certain amount of non-negotiable digital skills:​ 

  • All children must have a basic understanding of coding and how the web works.​ 

  • All children must able to evaluate online information and be social media savvy.​ 

  • All children must understand online safety rules and know how to report and block.​ 

  • All children must be proficient with word processing and able to use cloud storage.​ 

  • All children must be able to create visually engaging content/presentations in order to present learning to others.​ 

  • All children must have experience of online collaboration and using communication tools.​ 

  • All children must be taught the concept of personal archiving and possess their own digital portfolio of work.​


Lessons are exciting and are filled with a range of activities and open-ended challenges, once a week, during alternating half terms. Every child has access to an iPad throughout the school with each child provided with their own iPad from year 2 to year 6. Our curriculum follows the Knowsley City Learning Computing scheme, which aims to inspire a love for technology whilst giving children opportunities to revisit prior learning as they progress through the school. We want children to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to use technology safely, to be able to collaborate with others and to learn from their mistakes.​ 


Computing is built deep into the heart of our curriculum with the use of websites such as MyBookBlog during Literacy lessons and Brainingcamp and Maths No Problem Manipulative apps deeply rooted into maths lessons.  Showbie is used to a high standard across the school to enhance children’s learning experiences and to provide experiences of online collaboration, building a digital portfolio of their work. Children are offered the opportunity to take part in the First Lego League competition each year where they compete in a global STEM challenge to design, build and program an autonomous Lego robot to solve a series of missions. Our curriculum is accessible to all and is tailored by our staff to meet the ever-changing needs of the pupils at Orgill Primary School.