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Year 3/4


Good Vibrations – Sound

The children build on their understanding of hearing, which was covered in KS1 during work around the senses.  They learn how sounds are made and have the opportunity to set up simple comparative and fair tests.


How can we live more sustainably?

The concepts of sustainability and sustainable development lie at the heart of a geographical world view that sees the subject as the study of the interrelationship of people with the environments in which they live and upon which they depend. The main objective of this enquiry, therefore, is for the pupils to understand through the use of a number of examples what sustainability entails and how they might approach applying those principles to their own lives.

Art & Design

How can we live more sustainably?

The children use recycled, natural and man-made materials to create a sculpture.


Samba and Carnival

The children identify the main features of Samba music, play a syncopated rhythm and be able to perform in a group.


Football – this is taught by an outside coach

Dynamic Dance


Judaism – How special is the relationship between Jews and God?

The children begin to understand the special relationship between Jews and God

and the promises they make to each other.


Family and Relationships

The children learn about respect and manners, healthy friendships, bullying, stereotypes and change and loss.