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Year 5


Reproduction in plants and animals

Children will learn about reproduction in some types of plants and animals, including humans.  This builds on the learning about different types of animals and their life cycles during The Circle of Life module.


Why is Fair Trade fair?

This enquiry enables children to understand what international trade entails – the manufacture, selling and buying of goods and services between countries through exports and imports – and the fact that trade has been operating for thousands of years. The Silk Road, which remains the world’s most enduring trade route between China and Europe, demonstrates to children the key concept of trade – producing commodities that other people around the world don’t have and are prepared to pay to obtain


Podcaster – The children will learn what a podcast is, will explore lots of different types of podcast and will plan and make their own podcast.



Dynamic Dance


Christianity – Easter

The children learn to question whether God intended Jesus to be crucified or whether Jesus’ crucifixion was the consequence of events during Holy Week.


Economic well-being

The children will understand that borrowing money is a way to pay for something but that has to be repaid, what income and expenditure are and how these can be recorded, how to create a weekly budget, including prioritising needs over wants.