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Year 2


Materials: Shaping Up

Children are introduced to different ways of changing the shapes of objects made from different materials. They identify materials that can be changed by the actions of squashing, bending, twisting and stretching, and link these actions with the properties of the materials that allow them to be changed. They discover that some materials have different properties according to how they are shaped and what they are made into, and choose materials for uses according to their properties. They also learn that pushes and pulls can cause movement or a change in shape.


Why did Delia wear a hat?

Children will learn all about the sinking of the Titanic and the differences between the lives of rich and poor people in 1912.

Design and Technology

Mechanisms: Wheels and Axles

Children will learn wheels move because they are attached to an axle and that wheels and axles are used in everyday life, not just in cars.  They will design a vehicle that includes functioning wheels, axles and axle holders.


On This Island: African animals – call and response

The children will create different sounds from the same instrument, perform a call and response song with actions and know that call and response is a feature of African music.



Swimming – One week intensive swimming lessons

Boot Camp


Christianity – Easter

Children learn to re-tell the Easter story and understand what Jesus’ resurrection means for Christians.


Economic Wellbeing

Children will learn where adults get money from, be able to explain the difference between wants and needs, recognise that savings might be necessary to buy the things we want and recognise that different jobs require different skills.