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Parent partnership

At the start of every academic year, parents are invited to meet all the staff in your child’s unit, where the following academic year will be outlined and any queries answered.  This is followed up by an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher individually, to find out how your child is settling into their new year group.  After Christmas and Easter, we will send out pupil progress reports which will explain how your child is performing against age expectations and we may invite you in for a meeting to discuss any concerns we may have.  You are also free to make an appointment with us to discuss any concerns you may have.  We are often available if you wish to discuss any matters with us in a less formal manner. If you have difficulty catching your child’s teacher before or after school, please do not hesitate to contact school to make an appointment. 

At the end of the school year, you will receive a written report about your child.

Home Learning


Children in Key Stage 2 are expected to read often at home. We suggest daily for 20-30 mins depending on their age and reading stamina.

Whilst children are on the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme they will have three RWI books in their bookbag. They can choose which to read and when. The first book is their current class RWI text. This is the one that they are learning to read accurately and with increasing fluency (re reading the texts supports them to do this well). The second book is their previous class RWI book, this is the book they will be learning to read like a 'story-teller'. The third and final book is a RWI Book Bag Book, a story that is similar in context to their class book and contains the same sounds. Children will only be asked to read books at home that we know they have the knowledge and skills to read successfully. Your role at home is not to teach your child to read but to hear them practise. They'll welcome your praise!

When children progress on to MyBookBlog they should continue to read and blog daily.

Children benefit from hearing stories read to them. At Orgill, we encourage families to do this at home as often as they can.

We suggest that your child reads for approximately 20 minutes most evenings. The best way you can support them to do this is to read a chapter or two to them, just before bed when it is quiet and calm, and let them read the next chapter on their own. We encourage children to read whatever they want – the most important thing is that they enjoy reading and see reading a book as exciting.

When children have read a chapter/chapters of their book, they can go to MyBB to complete activities. They blog their thoughts and feelings, grow their vocabulary, explore book- related non-fiction, and collect jokes and cards as they read. However, we don't recommend that children look at screens in the hour before bed. If they read a chapter of a book before bed, they can complete the activities the next day with the book open in front of them. 

We’re sure they’d like to show MyBB to you – the address to type into your internet browser is:   Your child should then click on their class.  They will then get to a page which has a list of all the children in that class on it.  They then find their name and click on it. They then have to type in their unique login details.  Each child has their own unique password which is formed of an animal, a colour and a number. Their class teacher will give this to them and it would be a good idea to write down their login details so that they can log in at home too.  Teachers read and respond to children’s blogs and view their progress. MyBB’s privacy policy is located on 



Children will be given a NumBots and a Times Table Rockstars account. NumBots is an online resource aimed at developing and improving children's fluency of basic number facts. Times Tables Rockstars is a similar platform aimed at developing and improving children's fluency with times tables. Children work through a series of levels, at their own pace, collecting tokens along the way. We recommend a daily session of about 10-20 minutes depending on age and stamina.

Family Support Worker

Our Family Support Worker, Mrs Joanne Gilmour, provides advice and support for parents and carers with many issues which may impact upon a child’s ability to learn such as attendance, health and special educational needs.  Please come in and speak to her if you feel that you need support.