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Year 1


Our Changing World – Animal Antics

Children experience ‘our changing world’ in a variety of ways.  They make observations of animal life in the school grounds, investigate the variety of birds that visit a school-based feeding station and learn about caring for different animals over time.


What is the geography of where I live?

Children are encouraged to distinguish between geographical features that are essentially ‘human’ in origin and those physical features that are natural or at least semi-natural. Reflecting on whether anything on Earth today can be considered truly ‘natural’ is something that will crop up in later enquiries in other year groups.

Design and Technology

Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

Children describe fruits and vegetables and explain why they are a fruit or vegetable, name where they grow, describe basic characteristics of fruit and vegetables and prepare fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie.


What is a computer?

Children learn what a computer is and how computers have different parts that have special jobs.


Multi-Sports and Multi Skills

Children will learn and develop games skills.


Christianity – The Creation Story

Children learn to re-tell the Christian Creation story and to explore how this influences how Christians behave towards nature and the environment.


Families and Relationships

Children learn what makes a family, what friendships are, all about friendship problems and healthy friendships and also about gender stereotypes.