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 Science is delivered through a well-structured programme of study that ensures that each strand of the Science curriculum is met and is built upon systematically. Children are taught through scientific concepts and will build on these concepts from year to year and across each module. This ensures that children strengthen their understanding of scientific ideas and not just knowledge of a topic. Teachers adapt plans to provide opportunities for children to develop their scientific enquiry during each lesson and give children opportunity to plan, perform and evaluate experiments. Children will leave Orgill with a firm understanding of basic Science concepts that can be used to answer Scientific questions later in life. 


Science is taught weekly from Year 1 to Year 6 with a new module being taught each term from the Snap Science Scheme. Teachers have carefully planned the order of these modules to compliment other subjects being taught at the same time or to relate to the time of year. Each year group also has an overarching module that is taught throughout the year ‘Our Changing World’ this allows children to identify changes in their environment and monitor this over time. The Early Years Curriculum is child led. Practitioners follow the interests of the children and support their inquisitive nature with resources and further knowledge.  Where Practitioners feel that there is a gap in the learning adult input and enhancements will be used to spark interest and develop knowledge.  


Orgill offers children the opportunity to extend their Science learning outside of the classroom.  Teachers are aware of gaps in our children’s experiences and strive to fill these gaps by enriching the curriculum with unique opportunities for learning. We utilise our local area by taking children on walks to parks and visits to forests and the seaside where children have the opportunity to explore the plants and wildlife around them. The school welcomes specialist visitors that deliver workshops. We offer after school learning such as; Science club, where children take part in a variety experiments that children design and undertake themselves and  Lego club where children are given the opportunity to take part in First Lego League competition where they compete in a global STEM challenge to design, build and program an autonomous Lego robot to solve a series of missions.