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Meet the Governors

What do we do?

You might think that being a school governor is all about attending lots of meetings and completing lots of paperwork but this definitely isn't the case.

The main role of the Governing Body is to help raise the standards and performance of the school by supporting the work of the head teacher and staff.  We work very closely with Julie and the rest of the staff to provide support, but we also challenge and ask questions to ensure that the best possible decisions are made for the school and its pupils. We do not become involved in the day to day management of the school because this is Julie's responsibility but we do hold her to account for the performance of the school.


How do we do this?

We meet as a full Governing Body at least once a term to consider a wide range of issues including school improvement, policies and finances.  We have also established a number of committees which allow us to discuss issues in more depth and report back to the full Governing Body.  Our committees are:

  • Staffing and Resources
  • Premises, Health and Safety
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare

Committees also meet once a term and all governors sit on at least one committee.  We also carry out monitoring visits to help us understand and appreciate the workings of the school.  Sometimes these are just walks around the building to develop our own knowledge and on other occasions they are focused on a particular aspect of the school's performance and involve discussions with staff and pupils.  We do not make judgements about the quality of teaching or the progress of individual pupils because that is the responsibility of the head teacher.  We also attend training to assist us in carrying out our duties effectively.


Who are we?

Our governors come from many different backgrounds but we all have one thing in common: we are passionate about Orgill Primary School and dedicated to ensuring that our pupils have the best education possible.  We all bring different skills and experiences but we work well together in the best interests of the school.  The normal term of office for governors is four years, although sometimes governors are reappointed for further terms if they wish.

Parent Governors:

Parent governors are elected by other parents of pupils registered at the school.  They should be parents of pupils currently at the school but they may serve out their term of office if their child leaves.  Parents who are also members of staff are not eligible to be parent governors.

Local Authority Governors:

Authority governors are appointed by the local authority which maintains the school, in our case this is Cumbria.  Sometimes potential authority governors approach Cumbria LA and ask to be allocated to a particular Governing Body but, in practice, such governors are usually recommended by ourselves and then approved by the LA.

Community Governors:

Community governors are appointed by the Governing Body to represent community interests.  They can be people who live or work in the local community or anyone else who is committed to the success of our school. 

Staff Governors:

The head teacher of a school automatically becomes a governor at the time of appointment unless they inform the Governing Body that they do not want to be a member.  Our head teacher is a governor and this ensures a really productive working relationship.  Other staff members are elected by and from the whole teaching and non-teaching staff.  Staff governors may not continue to be governors if they cease to be employed by us.

Name Category Responsibilities Term of Office

GB Meetings


This Year 




This year

Lynn Huddart Local Authority


Pupil Premium          

June 2015 - June 2019 3/3 6/6
Alister McGaw Parent

Vice Chair

Health and Safety

December 2014 - December 2018 3/3 4/6
Julie Irving Headteacher     3/3 6/6
Holly Collins Staff   September 2013 - September 2017 3/3 6/6
Nichola Branney Co-opted Safeguarding November 2012 - November 2016 3/3 6/6
Julie Telford Parent SEN

October 2012 - October 2016

Resigned December 2015

1/3 0/6
Elaine Redshaw Parent  

September 2014 - September 2018

Resigned October 2015

1/3 0/6
Fay Newell Parent   October 2015 - October 2019 2/3 4/6
Kieron Rogers Parent  

December 2015 - December 2019

Resigned September 2017

1/3 2/6
Vacant Co - opted        


Relevant business and pecuniary interests:

  • No governors have governance roles in other schools
  • Lynn Huddart's husband is a director of C & E Builders


Our Governors:


My name is Lynn Huddart and I am the Chair of Governors at Orgill Primary School.  I have been a Parent Governor since 2011 and was elected Chair just a few months later. It is a real privilege to play an active part in the development of our school and to see all of our children thrive and have pride in their achievements.  Working with the staff at Orgill is very exciting and they are always looking for ways to engage and encourage the children in all that they do.  Children do not just achieve academic success here but also personal and social qualities that they will take with them throughout their lives.  I am extremely proud to play a supporting role in the achievements of our school.


My name is Alister McGaw.  I am married and have two children.  My daughter attends Orgill Primary School and my son is currently serving with the British Army.  I have been a serving police officer for 15 years and since January 2012 I have been employed with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary based at Sellafield Nuclear Licensed site as a Police Firearms Sergeant and Operations Firearms Commander.  During my police career I have faced and dealt with numerous challenges but nothing like becoming a governor for Orgill Primary School.  I am looking forward to this new and exciting challenge and will do my best to support the children and staff of the school.


Being part of the school's Governing Body is an important part of my role as head teacher of Orgill Primary School.  I work closely with governors with the ultimate aim of providing the best possible educational experience for our pupils.  The work of our Governing Body is effective because we share this vision and all have high expectations of what our pupils can achieve.  We work together identifying areas for improvement, setting targets and  monitoring actions to ensure that things are having the impact that we want. 


My name is Holly Collins and  I am the staff representative on our Governing Body.  I have been part of the Orgill Primary School team since September 2006 when I started my teaching career here as a newly qualified teacher.  I am now one of the assistant head teachers and the Early Years leader. As a former pupil of the school, I feel particularly passionate about contributing to its success in every way possible and this led me to becoming a governor.


Our Learning Walks


On Thursday 8th October I spent 2 hours engaged in governor duties in school.  Upon arrival I was met by fellow governor Fay Newell and assistant head teacher Holly Collins.  The purpose of our visit was to see Read Write Inc in action and observe positive attitudes to learning.

We started off observing Read Write Inc in the reception groups then moved into Key Stage 1.  After visiting these classes alone, it became quite apparent that the staff were there for the individual needs of the children and not just their education.  The Read Write Inc methods of teaching were second to none and the children were encouraged to participate with a number of means including magnetic boards and use of Perfect Partners.  Seeing the sense of achievement on the children's faces when they were praised for their hard work can only be described as amazing.

We then moved into Key Stage 2 to see them work before moving back into Key Stage 1.  Again the teaching aids, silent signals and excellent rapport between staff and children were echoed all around the school.